City Deal in Clackmannanshire




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In September 2016 the leaders of Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils made a joint commitment to a City Deal for the region. Both Scottish and UK Governments have confirmed their commitment to supporting the development of a City Deal for the region. Projects are in development in each area and the Councils will need to work together to develop a single, clear, consistent bid for the region to be submitted later in the year.

In Clackmannanshire project ideas are being generated and developed under four themes:

Business Skills & Innovation

Exploiting and driving innovation within local businesses and sectors to create opportunities for local people. Increasing access to employment opportunities through creating and safeguarding Clackmannanshire based jobs as well as making it easier to travel to jobs in neighbouring areas. Underpinned by principles of Inclusive Growth.

A Focus on Place

Selling the strengths of our connections and natural assets. In particular exploiting the tourism opportunities offered by the Ochil Hills and improving the use of and access to the river.

Skills for Life & Participation

Effectively linking people and the opportunities created under the Business Skills & Innovation theme. Increasing participation, aspiration through improved wellbeing, skills and other attributes and by addressing both real and perceived barriers such as childcare and transport.


Improving the conditions for sustainable economic growth. This will be achieved by stimulating housing development, improving the digital and transport infrastructure and availability of business premises. In addition building on the opportunity to maximise Clackmannanshire's unique geology to create district heating networks.

City Region Deals

City Region Deals offer the potential for new collaborative regional partnerships, focused on long-term strategic approaches to improving regional economies. They can deliver positive outcomes in line with Scottish and UK Government policy: they encourage Local Authorities to operate strategically at the regional level and they can support a long-term focus on the priorities required to deliver Scotland's Economic Strategy. Each deal is bespoke to the city region and will include a package of measures designed to work as a coherent whole.