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Private Deposits held by Clackmannanshire Archives

Private Deposits held by Clackmannanshire Archives

Private deposit material
PD3Miscellaneous notes on Clackmannan compiled by the Rev. T. Crouther Gordon20th century[Notes and Papers]
PD9Clackmannan Agricultural Society1886-1964[Minutes and Abstracts of Accounts]
PD10Amalgamated Society of Associated Carpenters & Joiners of Scotland, Alloa Branch1864-1941[Minutes, Accounts, Roll of Members &c]
PD11Alloa Grain Market1850-1885[Ledgers]
PD14Hunter & Donaldson, Alva including Coblecrook Dyeing Company and Hillfoots Hosiery Company1877-1959[Ledgers, Journals, Correspondence &c]
PD18Townhead Lunch & Tea Rooms1933-1968[Wages Book, Cash Books & Account Books]
PD20T. Ramsay, chemist, Alloa1918-1954[Drugs Registers]
PD25Order of Rechabites [Alloa Branch]1893-1949[Minute Books, Contribution Books &c]
PD26British Women's Temperance Association [Clackmannan Branch]1880-1952[Minute Books, Cash Books &c]
PD27Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherdsc.1945-1951[Minute Books, Contribution Account Books &c]
PD39Alloa Unionist Men's Club1901-1963[Minutes & Cash Books]
PD45Alva Community Association1970-1980[Minute Books & Correspondence]
PD46Haig of Dollarfield Papers1768-1839[Letters &c]
PD48Tullibody [Barony] Poors Fund1704-1965[Accounts &c]
PD54Clackmannan Titles & Related Papers1777-1906[Legal Deeds]
PD57Alloa & District Business & Professional Women's Club1944-1982[Minutes, Treasurer's Book &c]
PD79Alexander Forrester-Paton Memorial Housing Association Limited1954-1985[Minutes, Correspondence &c]
PD104R.N. McEwan, painters and decorators, Alloa1892-1946[Letter Book, Account Books &c]
PD106The Lodge of Alloa, No. 691757-1985[Minutes, Attendance Books &c]
PD117Devon Valley Tribune1903-1953[Unbound Newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD118Glenochil Distillery1858-1936[Correspondence, Deeds & Insurance Policies]
PD124Alloa Bowling Club1880-1988[Minutes, Cash Book &c]
PD128Alloa Parish Charity School1838-1847[List of Subscribers]
PD190W.H. Henry Collection20th century[Photographs &c]
PD201Clackmannan Pageant1949[Film]
PD202Alloa Music Club1963-1980[Minutes]
PD203Bayne Family Documents [Kincardine &c]1713-1972[Writs &c]
PD204Alloa Ragged & Industrial School / Alloa Industrial Home / Alloa Day Home1872-1950[Minutes &c]
PD205Alva Amateur Swimming Club1903-1953[Minutes &c]
PD206The Lady Norton Lodge No. 6671893-1898[Minutes &c]
PD207Alloa Allotments Association1909-1998[Minutes &c]
PD208Harland Ski Club1967-1986[Minutes &c]
PD209Clackmannan Local Militia1808-1815[Orderly Book]
PD210Sauchie District Public Hall1912-1993[Minutes &c]
PD211Tillicoultry Golf Club1899-1987[Minutes &c]
PD212British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners, Newtonshaw Thistle Lodge, No. 2121890-1933[Minutes &c]
PD213Independent Order of Rechabites, Gem of Gartmorn Tent, Sauchie1901-1933[Minutes, Financial Records &c]
PD214Robert Melvin Ltd, Engineers, Bridge-builders and Iron-founders, Alloa1918-1925[Register of Directors &c]
PD215Alva Garden Guild1944-1977[Minutes, Correspondence &c]
PD216Alva Glen Water Company1892-1917[Cash Book]
PD217Andrew L. Mitchell, Builder and Joiner, Alloa1844-c.1900[Notebooks &c]
PD218Alloa Newspaper Collections1856-1973[Bound Newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD219Tillicoultry News1879-1887[Unbound Newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD220Tillicoultry Youth Club & Playscheme1964-2000[Minutes &c]
PD221Sauchie & District Old Age Pensioners Association1951-1952[Constitution, Minutes & Register of Members]
PD222Alloa Burial Indexes1996[Burial Indexes]
PD223Clackmannanshire Deeds1801-1818[Legal Deeds]
PD224Patons & Baldwins Cricket Club1925-1962[Minute Book]
PD225St John's Cricket Club1900-1924[Minute Books]
PD226St John's Men's Club1965-1974[Minute Book]
PD227Patons & Baldwins Collection1872-1999[Corporate, Financial, Production Records &c.]
PD228Alloa Architectural Plans1849-c.1904[Plans & Elevations]
PD229Clackmannanshire Horticultural Society1930-2003[Minutes, Financial Records &c]
PD230Norwood Ladies' Swimming Club1899-1940[Minute Book]
PD231Murdeston Collection of Clackmannanshire and Lanarkshire Documents1475-c.1889[Legal Deeds &c]
PD232Scottish Women's Rural Institutes. Stirling, Clackmannan & West Fife Federation1954-1998[Minute Books &c]
PD233Paton & Sons (Tillicoultry) Ltd1981-1983[Financial Records]
PD234Writs and Title Deeds Relating to Subjects in Erskine Street, Alva1788-1949[Legal Deeds &c]
PD235Papers of Robert Rankinec.1900-1999[Minute Books, Financial Records &c]
PD236Plans, Index and Notes relating to Alloa Churchyardlate 20th century[Plans, Index & Notes]
PD237Tillicoultry Estate Records1749-1971[Chartularies, Plans, & c]
PD238Letters of Alexander Forrester-Paton1850-1878[Letters]
PD239Johnstone of Alva Papers1552-1929[Correspondence, Journals, &c. including Ferguson of Craigdarroch Papers relating to Jacobite Rising of 1715, &c.]
PD240Scott of Thankerton Papers1893-1896[Correspondence, Schedules, &c.]
PD241Clackmannanshire Oral History Projectsc.1985-2003[Recordings, Transcripts , &c.]
PD242Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser / Stirling Advertiser1998-2002[Unbound newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD243Alexander Thomson, Plumber1931-1971[Accounts Book]
PD244Harrower / Bowie Family Papers1868[Family Bible]
PD245Papers of A.S. Cowper, Alva20th century[Notes and Cuttings]
PD246Ochil House Documentsc.1790-1830[Bills &c]
PD247Alloa Society of Natural History & Archaeologyc.1900[Constitution and Rules]
PD248John Melvin & Son, Architectsc.1914-1954[Plans and Elevations]
PD249Alloa Colliery New School1820[Religious Exercises]
PD250Photographic Archive relating to John Younger of Alloac.1900-2005[Glass Slides, CDs and Notes]
PD251Menstrie Church Sabbath School1886-1904[Minute Book and Cash Book]
PD252Third Statistical Account of Scotlandc.1950[Notes]
PD253British Electrical Plant Company / Harland Engineering Company / Weir Pumps Records1900-1986[Minutes, Magazines &c.]
PD254Estate Records from Russel & Aitken, W.S., Falkirkc.1880s[Plans, &c.]
PD255Cogwheels Centre for the Unemployedc.1988 - 1993[Minutes, &c.]
PD256Notes relating to the Tulloch Familyc.1874 - 1955[Cuttings, charts and certificates]
PD257Alva Co-operative Society Ltd.1961 - 1968[Receipt Book]
PD258Alloa Friendly Society for Sickness and Death1823 - 1844[Minute Book and Contributions Book]
PD259Papers of Captain John Stephens1938 - 1967[Scrap Book, Correspondence &c.]
PD260Papers of Mrs Catherine Eccles, Tillicoultryc. 1850 - 1912[Family Bible]

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