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Council Housing Allocations Policy Consultation

Council Housing Allocations Policy Consultation

This consultation is now closed

Feedback on this consultation can be found on the Council Housing Allocations Policy Consultation Feedback page.

The Council is proposing some changes which we think will result in our Council Housing Allocations Policy being more relevant to our communities, tenants and applicants on the waiting list.

Before making any changes to the policy it is very important to us that we understand the views of our local residents and communities.

We would also like to hear your views on issues that you feel need to be reflected in the Clackmannanshire Council Housing Allocations Policy.

Background information to consultation

Following extensive consultation on the Clackmannanshire Housing Strategy, we know that amongst the priorities for people in the County is addressing homelessness, making best use of current housing stock and maximising choice for people looking for housing in the area.

Clackmannanshire Council is reviewing the Housing Allocations Policy. Since our current policy was introduced in 2005 there have been some national changes that we need to consider when reviewing the policy.

National issues are:
  • Reform of the Welfare Benefits System
  • Introduction of Scottish Government Allocations Good Practice Guide
  • Requirement to house all unintentionally homeless applicants
  • Requirement to deliver a full Housing Options service to people who require affordable housing
  • The Scottish Social Housing Charter and the new Scottish Housing Regulatory Framework

The Scottish Social Housing Chartercame into effect from 1 April 2012 and contains a total of 16 outcomes and standards that social landlords should aim to achieve. The section of the Charter covering Access to Housing and Support contains four separate outcomes as follows:

  • people looking for housing get information that helps them make informed choices and decisions about the range of housing options available to them
  • tenants and people on housing lists can review their housing options
  • Social landlords ensure that: people at risk of losing their homes get advice on preventing homelessness
  • people looking for housing find it easy to apply for the widest choice of social housing available and get the information they need on how the landlord allocates homes and their prospects of being housed.

Social landlords are responsible for meeting the standards and outcomes set out in the Charter. The Scottish Housing Regulator is responsible for monitoring, assessing and reporting on how well social landlords, individually
and collectively, achieve the Charter's outcomes. In reviewing the policy we also need to take account of local issues and priorities within Clackmannanshire.

Local issues include:
  • Outcomes of the Housing Needs and Demand Assessment
  • Outcomes from the consultation on the Clackmannanshire Housing Strategy including the need for more affordable housing
  • Preventing homelessness and reducing the requirement for bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Sustaining Communities
  • Making best use of housing stock

It is important when developing a Housing Allocations Policy that there are set aims and objectives. Having aims and objectives in place makes it clear to stakeholders what we are aiming to achieve, and gives us a framework to monitor and measure how successful the policy is in terms of meeting our objectives. Part of the monitoring framework will be to publish performance information to illustrate how successful the policy is in terms of meeting the aims and objectives.

Taking into consideration the national and local issues the aims and objectives of the Clackmannanshire Council Housing Allocations Policy are:

  • Fair and equitable
  • Consistent and transparent
  • Meet legislation requirements
  • Meet good practice as set by the Scottish Government
  • House those most in need
  • Prevent homelessness
  • Extend choice for applicants
  • Customer Focussed
  • Make best use of Council housing stock
  • Reflect objectives of the Clackmannanshire Housing Strategy

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